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A Quick Look Into Cyber Law

A Quick Look Into Cyber Law


Cyberlaw refers to a collection of legislation and regulations established to govern communication and interactions using recent technology and devices.


The ever-increasing advances in technology have created serious concerns regarding cyber offenses, including cyber-bullying, cyber-harassment, and cybersex crimes.  


Cyberlaw is a new legal specialty and the associated legislation is being established now. It is a unique branch of law, as there are no precedents to govern its creation. 


Cybersex encompasses many different regulations and policies. Cybersex crimes are a major focus of cyberlaw. These laws seek to prohibit the sexual exploitation of minors by outlawing child pornography and inappropriate or sexual conversations with minors. In addition, cyber laws address issues regarding cyber-stalking and cyber-harassment, as well as invasion of privacy. New laws are continuously added to this collection of legislation. 


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