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3 Must Know Cyber Security Facts

3 Must Know Cyber Security Facts

What is Cyber Security?
Cyber Security, also known as information security, is a branch of computer technology that is applied to various networks and their corresponding computers. The objective of this field is to limit computer crimes, especially those associated with hacking and identity theft. The field of Cyber Security attempts to impede the threat of computer crimes through the protection of information and corruption.  
In general, the term Cyber Security, means the collective mechanisms and processes by which valuable information and services are protected from publication, tampering, or an assortment of unauthorized activities that are planned and implemented by untrustworthy individuals or unplanned events. To limit the unauthorized exposure, Cyber Security systems will implement various strategies to prevent unwanted computer behavior. 

What are Cyber Security Standards?

Cyber security standards are various forms of security standards which enable entities and organizations to practice security techniques to help minimize the number of cyber security attacks. In essence, the cyber security standards are fundamental guides which provide a general outline as well as more specific techniques for implementing various platforms for cyber security. For more specific standards, cyber security certifications issued by an accredited organization can be obtained. 

Why is Cyber Security Important?

Cyber security standards were created because the presence of sensitive information is frequently stored on computers that are attached to the Internet. In addition, many tasks that were once accomplished by hand are now carried out through the use of a computer. As a result of our increased reliance on computers and the vast amount of sensitive information stored on networks, the implementation of cyber security programs is required to effectively impede hazardous or predatory cyber-attacks. Furthermore, cyber security is also crucial in order to thwart acts of identity theft. 
A business or organization will also require a cyber security platform because they will invariably need to protect their proprietary information, trade secrets and the personally identifiable information of their clients or employees.
In addition to business organizations, all government agencies must implement some form of cyber security. Government entities, to secure their vital information, from hackers and cyber terrorists, have implemented a distinct cyber security system, which consists of two basic parts. Both parts of the cyber security system, which were created by the British Standards Institute, safeguard the criminal retrieval of critical government information.