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Quick Overview of Hackers

Quick Overview of Hackers

Hackers Background
Computer hackers are individuals who are able to break into secure computer networks. The motivation and goal of a hacker can vary greatly. While some hackers utilize their abilities to profit personally, others simply enjoy new challenges. Either way, computer hacking is generally illegal and an individual can receive a criminal sentence for hacking computers.
Program Hacker
A program hacker is an individual who utilizes a variety of hacker programs to infiltrate computer systems. There are many different hacker programs, each of which are suitable to achieve different goals. For example, there are programs that allow a hacker to gain access to information in a system and programs intended to destroy a system.
Password Hacker

A password hacker gains access to computers and computer systems by uncovering computer passwords. Malicious hackers could exploit personal information obtained by hacking passwords. There are many different methods commonly used for password hacking. An e-mail password hacker may use trial and error, while more advanced techniques may be necessary in other situations.

Famous Hackers

There are a number of famous hackers, who are internationally recognized for their ability to infiltrate hacker-safe computer systems with very advanced security. While some of these hackers used their skills to exploit computer systems, others remained within the confines of the law, while making important technological advances.