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What You Should Know About Sex Crimes

What You Should Know About Sex Crimes

Consumers use the internet in all aspects of life. With the ever increasing popularity of the internet, serious problems, such as cyber-bullying and harassment, have become major concerns. Currently, Federal and State judges are working to establish legislation and precedents regarding cybercrimes. 
Sex crimes are one of the most frequently committed cybercrimes. A number of laws and regulations have been established to address sex crimes. For instance, engaging in sexual harassment using the internet is considered to be a sex crime. Posting pornographic photographs of a minor is prohibited and has serious legal consequences. Using the internet to engage in inappropriate or sexual discussions with a minor is punishable under the law. 
In addition, using the internet to lure a minor into a sexual encounter is forbidden. Children are not the only victims of cybersex crimes. Sexually harassing an adult or posting illicit or pornographic photographs of an individual without consent are also prohibited.