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Easy to Read Overview of Encryption

Easy to Read Overview of Encryption

What is Encryption?

Encryption is classified as a methodology that is employed with the intent of concealing the meaning, syntax, readability, or identification of text through the use of coding and clandestine reformatting. Digital Encryption allows for the added protection of any or all personal, privileged, and private data over the Internet and associated computational networks.
The History of Encryption

The earliest form(s) of Encryption can be traced back to various points within history, in which written communication was subject to reformatting, subversion, and masking. Individuals transmitting vital information through letter or paper transmission were required to protect the sensitivity of that information in the event that it was stolen, lost, of reclaimed by an authorized entity. As a result, ciphers and codes were implemented, which would be imperative in decoding the message. Individuals not in possession of the applicable cipher or code would be unable to access the information.
Digital Encryption
Digital Encryption is the modern incarnation of the original process of Encryption. In contrast to paper messages and tangible transmissions(s) of information, technological advances have allowed for the seamless and instantaneous transmission of information through computational networking systems and telecommunication advances. Cryptography, which is the scientific field specializing in the technique of Encryption, have been since developing methodology that insures the privacy of any or all data transmitted through digital means. 

Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Encryption

In 1998, President Bill Clinton outlawed the creation, transmission, and dissemination of rogue Encryption techniques that jeopardized the legitimacy of Federal Encryption methodology. Programs that were thought to be potential threats to the integrity and security of Digital Rights Management (DRM) Encryption measures are considered to be illegal.