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Computer Crime Overview

Computer Crime Overview

Computer crime, (also known as cybercrime) refers to any crime or fraudulent act that involves a computer and a network. The crime itself does not need to take place over the network. However, to be classified as a computer crime the wrongdoing must incorporate a computer or program as a fundamental instrument in the delivery of the action. 
With advancements in technology, computer crimes have become a critical issue for governments and law enforcement agencies. Seemingly every company and utility is run through a computer. Although more efficient, this transition to electronic-based governance is susceptible to computer crimes or illegal hacking.
The cyber world has barriers that impede individual users from entering. These spaces store private information that is not accessible by the average computer use. That being said, an experienced computer hacker or program developer can destroy such barriers and obtain critical information concerning seemingly any industry or marketplace.
The typical issues surrounding computer crime involve the following arenas or charges: hacking, child pornography, child grooming, copyright infringement, and invasion of privacy.