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Importance of Domain Registration

Importance of Domain Registration

What is Domain Registration?

Domain Registration is classified as the authorization of personal or private ownership with regard to a Domain Name upon the transfer of ownership; Domain Registration is a necessary process to which must be adhered – this procedure must take place regardless of the means of acquiring the Domain Name in question. 
Domain Registration and Cyber Law

Cyber Lawis considered to be one of the most recently developed legal specialties that address the legislation and legality innate with the expressed legal and lawful decorum required while engaging in the use of a computer, electronic network, or telecommunications system; Cyber Lawensures that all business practices, interpersonal communications, and online behavior resides within any and all legal protocol.

Why is Domain Registration Important?

Due to the fact the popularity and expansiveness of the Internet has allowed for it to serve as not only an advanced communications tool – but a commercial resource as well – the accuracy, authenticity, and adherence to legal stipulation is necessity in order to maintain legality with regard to events and circumstances surrounding the functionality of online, Internet-based endeavors. Domain Registration ensures the following:
The Anti-cybersquatting Act precludes that only individuals with legal rights through copyright ownership(s) are entitled to engage in Domain Registration with regard to specific domain names; this protects the rights of both Domain Name owners, as well as their businesses
Domain Registration illustrates that an individual – or group – have become the legal, rightful, and lawful owner of a specific domain name; this will disallow any further transfer of ownership of that specific domain without the expressed consent of the owner(s)